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About ViaBill

ViaBill is an easy and flexible way to pay in webshops.

ViaBill gives you an account of $500 with which you can shop in webshops that offers ViaBill. When you purchase an item with ViaBill, you can postpone your payment until the 1st of the following month. There is no interest or fees when you use ViaBill.

Our vision

ViaBill wants to make online shopping easy. We want to give you the opportunity to postpone your payment when you shop on the internet.

We want to make online shopping as easy and transparent as possible by offering you to pay later with no interest or fees.

Online shopping should be flexible – and fee-free.

Who are we?

ViaBill is a Danish company that was established back in 2009, when Danish internet shopping lacked an easy and flexible payment method which placed the consumer centre stage.

ViaBill A/S is owned by a number of professional Danish investment companies and leading players in the e-commerce market.


ViaBill A/S
Søndergade 2,2
8000 Aarhus C
CBR No. 3324 5564

Tel.: +45 88 826 826 - response time, approx. 20 minutes
Mon-Fri from 10.00-15.00

Mail: support@viabill.com - response time, approx. 5 working days